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Who we are

A new life, a fresh start

When you make the move from life on your own to life in a residential care home, you have a right to expect better care and greater happiness. Residential care for the elderly is not about marking time. It’s an opportunity to spread your wings – to make new friends and try new activities.

That’s how it is at Meadowbank. We hope you’ll think of this as a step forwards not backwards – a move to a better lifestyle all round.

A community as well as a home

Everyone at Meadowbank has their own space. We have 37 en-suite rooms, each with its own furniture and TV. If you prefer to bring your own furniture, you can make yourself as comfortable as you are at home.

You can take life at your own pace here. You need never feel overwhelmed because we tend to gather in small groups. With three dining rooms and three sitting rooms to choose from, you can easily find your own level within a group of like-minded friends. When you fancy a change of scene or mood, you can move on to see what other residents are up to.

Outside there are delightful gardens and a warm, south-facing courtyard that’s a cosy sun trap in summer. The doors are open so you can come and go as you please.

Once a month we have a group meeting in which everyone airs their views on any aspect of life at Meadowbank. You don’t have to be shy about speaking up.

Fabulous fresh local food

To keep our menus varied and relevant, we regularly poll residents on what they like to eat. We cook our food on site each day in our own kitchens using fruit, veg, meat and bread brought in fresh. Our birthday cakes are made by Rothley’s popular delicatessen, North’s. From time to time, as a special treat, we enjoy cake and biscuits cooked by our own residents.

Superb standards of care

Care at Meadowbank is superb. In its most recent inspector’s report, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) gave us ticks in all categories assessed.

We operate what the CQC calls a ‘care home without nursing’. That means we can look after any elderly resident who doesn’t suffer from dementia or need long-term nursing care. We are always fully staffed and a district nurse visits every day.

CQC reports and word of mouth are the only reliable ways to judge the quality of care in a residential care home. We score well on both counts: 50% of our residents come to us through personal recommendations. To find out why people recommend us so enthusiastically, you have to see for yourself what we do.